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Adoption support

"Post adoption support is easily accessible and an invaluable resource. We are safe in the knowledge that there is always someone there for us who can help with any queries or concerns. Through post adoption training and social events, we have been able to make links with other adopters and share experiences. The adoption agency has made our overall experience an extremely positive one and we cannot thank them enough."

Adoption team planting bulbs

Who are the adoption team?

Bury Adoption Team comprises professional staff who together have over 100 years of experience in family placement. We aim to offer the highest quality adoption service and have Social Workers and Family Support Workers who are trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), Theraplay and Counselling.

We were in the top 3 for Best Agency at the National BAAF Adoption Awards in 2014. We like to get involved in the community and worked with local school children to plant a bulb for every 'looked after' child in Bury.

What support will I get in th early stages of placement?

We provide an excellent adoption support service and are continually working to develop it further. We can help you understand the impact that a difficult start can have on adopted children and give you practical strategies to support children with attachment difficulties, developmental delay and emotional/behavioural issues that can result from abuse and neglect.

Pixies and Santa

Services provided include

  • Access to an out of hours emergency helpline and a duty social worker in office hours
  • Regular visits from your social worker for support and advice
  • A dedicated Adoption Family Support Worker 
  • Social events for children and families 
  • Therapeutically-infused groups:
    • forest skills and drama therapy for 8 plus
    • art therapy
    • outdoor learning
    • yoga and mindfulness for 4-8s and toddler nurture for under 4s.
  • Monthly support groups for adopters
  • Buddying service
  • Newsletter
  • Access to the acclaimed 'Safe Base' therapeutic parenting programme
  • In-house training courses covering a variety of issues such as:
    • 'Matching and introductions'
    • 'Moving children in'
    • 'Surviving early placement'
    • 'What to tell and when?'
    • 'Life story work'
    • 'E safety'
    • 10 week 'Nurturing attachments' course

Post adoption workers

Additional therapeutic services may include:

  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
    DDP is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr Dan Hughes YouTube - Dan Hughes talks about his Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy model based on extensive attachment research. It is a talking therapy for verbal children that works to deepen the emotional bond between a parent and child and enable the child to work through difficulties they have that have arisen from poor early attachments and traumatic experiences. Through actively accepting the reasons why the child believes they are unlovable, the parent can offer the child the experience of empathy and attunement when they need it the most. Increased openness and a closer relationship often leads to a reduction in difficult behaviours.
  • Theraplay
    Theraplay is a structured play approach that promotes the relationship between a young child and their parent by fostering warm, nurturing and engaging interactions. Parents are central to the therapy and this model teaches them how to help their child engage in a more loving relationship, how to use challenges to build competence and self-esteem and how to infuse their interactions with the sheer fun of joyful play.
  • New for 2017
    Theapeutic Life Story Work

Will I get any support later on after the adoption is finalised?

Dedicated post adoption support worker

Local authorities provide a range of support services for children adopted from care. Bury have a dedicated post-adoption support team and continue to offer a wide range of support services long after the adoption order is granted to those who live in Bury. You can contact your local authority Adoption Team long after adopting to request an assessment of need as we acknowledge that adopting is a lifelong process.

Post-adoption support services can include:

  • Counselling, information and advice
  • Help with behavioural, attachment and other problems
  • Funding to help you care for a child with special care needs
  • Help with contact between an adopted child and his or her birth family
  • Ongoing events to enable groups of adopters and adoptive children to get together
  • Further training
  • Help where an adoption breaks down